Wet & Dry Vacuuming

Versatile Cleaning Solutions

Material Removal with Reduced Cleanup Time

Wet and dry vacuuming is a versatile cleaning technique that effectively removes both liquid spills and dry debris from various surfaces. This method utilizes state-of-the-art industrial vacuum technology equipped with powerful suction capabilities to efficiently extract liquids, sludge, dust, and other solid materials from floors, machinery, and confined spaces. Our advanced equipment ensures efficient and thorough cleaning while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Benefits of our Wet & Dry Vacuuming

Versatility for Various Surfaces

We're capable of extracting liquids, including water, oils, and chemicals, as well as solid debris such as dirt, dust, and metal shavings. Our solutions are designed to handle a wide range of surfaces.

Improved Safety and Hygiene

By promptly removing liquid spills and hazardous substances, wet and dry vacuuming helps maintain a safe and hygienic working environment. It reduces the risk of slip and falls due to wet surfaces and prevents the accumulation of potentially harmful materials.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Wet and dry vacuuming streamlines the cleaning process, saving time and effort. With powerful suction capabilities, it quickly removes both wet and dry debris, reducing the need for manual cleaning methods and minimizing downtime in your operations.

Maintaining Equipment Performance

By efficiently removing dust, dirt, and debris from machinery and equipment, wet and dry vacuuming helps optimize performance and prolong the lifespan of critical assets. Regular maintenance using this method can prevent clogging, reduce wear and tear, and improve overall equipment efficiency.

Partner with Wet & Dry Vacuuming Experts

Remarkable Expertise & Industry Knowledge

“Vecta's team of highly trained professionals is second to none. Their expertise and industry knowledge are evident in every project they undertake. They tackle even the most demanding cleaning challenges with precision and attention to detail, delivering remarkable results that go beyond what we had imagined.”

Reduced Downtime & Increased Efficiency

"Not only has Vecta enhanced the cleanliness and hygiene of our facility, but they have also significantly improved our equipment's performance and longevity. With their regular cleaning and maintenance services, we have experienced reduced downtime, improved efficiency, and increased productivity."

Exceptional Expertise & Results

"We highly recommend Vecta to any business in need of industrial cleaning services. Their expertise, commitment to safety, and personalized approach make them a trusted partner. With Vecta, you can expect exceptional results and a level of service that sets them apart from the competition."

Vacuum Equipment

Modern & Versatile Fleet

75+ VAC Units In Fleet

Vecta takes pride in operating a modern and versatile fleet of mobile vacuum equipment. Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures the most effective results, allowing us to complete projects in the timeliest manner. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime and aim to eliminate as much valuable downtime as possible on each project.

Liquid Vacuum Trucks

Our liquid vacuum trucks are specifically designed to remove sludge from the bottom of pits, tanks, and ponds. With their powerful capabilities, these trucks can lift, haul, and unload debris without the need for assistance from any other piece of equipment. Trust Vecta to efficiently tackle sludge removal with our reliable liquid vacuum trucks.

Air Moving Liquid Vacuum Trucks

Vecta offers air moving vacuum trucks that operate by creating high velocity air movement instead of traditional suction. These trucks utilize a blower to generate air movement and pressure, effectively pulling dry debris into the unit. The high volume blowers used can generate wind currents in excess of 160 mph at the hose inlet, providing enough suction power to tackle even the dirtiest jobs. With Vecta's air moving vacuum trucks, you can trust that no job is too challenging to handle.

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