Chemical Cleaning

Revolutionize The Maintenance Process

The Solution to Your Refinery Maintenance Needs

At Vecta, we have a deep understanding of the pain points associated with unwanted deposits, scale, contaminants, or residues in your refinery infrastructure. That's why we offer chemical cleaning services that provide efficient, safe, and cost-effective solutions for decision-makers in the chemical industry.

Benefits of Chemical Cleaning

Improved Equipment Performance

Chemical cleaning helps remove deposits and scale from heat exchangers, boilers, furnaces, distillation columns, pipelines, and vessels, restoring optimal heat transfer, fuel efficiency, flow rates, and separation performance. This improves equipment performance, reduces fuel consumption, and prevents potential operational issues.

Reduced Downtime

Our experts safely remove unwanted deposits, scale, contaminants, or residues from equipment, pipelines, and vessels within the refinery infrastructure. By restoring optimal performance, efficiency, and safety in the refinery operations, chemical cleaning reduces downtime and maintenance requirements, improving productivity and profitability.

Increased Safety

Chemical cleaning is carried out by experienced professionals who follow strict safety protocols and adhere to environmental regulations. The selection of appropriate cleaning chemicals, methods, and equipment is critical to ensure effective cleaning while minimizing any potential risks to personnel or the environment.

Partner with Chemical Cleaning Experts

Saved Time & Money

"Vecta's chemical cleaning services have revolutionized our refinery maintenance process. The efficiency and precision of the technology have saved us time and money, while the enhanced safety features have improved worker morale and reduced accidents."

Reduced Equipment Breakdowns & Downtime

"Since switching to chemical cleaning, we have seen a significant decrease in equipment breakdowns and associated downtime. The thorough cleaning process has improved equipment performance and extended its lifespan."

Attention to Detail & Commitment to Quality

"Vecta's team worked closely with us to develop a plan that met our specific needs. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is why we continue to choose them for our industrial cleaning needs."


Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers play a crucial role in the refining process by transferring heat between different fluids. Over time, deposits such as scale, rust, or organic fouling can accumulate on heat exchanger surfaces, reducing heat transfer efficiency. Chemical cleaning helps remove these deposits, restoring heat exchanger performance and maintaining energy efficiency.


Boilers and furnaces are used for heating and generating steam in various refinery processes. Deposits and scale can build up on the internal surfaces, affecting heat transfer and fuel efficiency. Chemical cleaning helps remove these deposits, ensuring optimal heat transfer, reducing fuel consumption, and preventing potential operational issues.


Distillation columns are used to separate various components of crude oil or other feedstocks into different fractions based on boiling points. Over time, fouling or coking can occur on the column internals, reducing separation efficiency. Chemical cleaning helps remove these deposits, maintaining the desired separation performance and preventing production bottlenecks.


Pipelines and vessels in chemical refineries can become fouled with deposits, scale, or corrosion over time. This buildup can impede flow, increase pressure drop, and compromise the integrity of the infrastructure. Chemical cleaning of pipelines and vessels helps remove these deposits, ensuring optimal flow rates, reducing maintenance requirements, and preventing potential failures.


Chemical refineries often have storage tanks for intermediate or final products. These tanks can accumulate sludge, residues, or solid deposits, impacting product quality and tank capacity. Chemical cleaning of tanks ensures proper cleaning and decontamination, preventing cross-contamination when storing different products and maintaining storage capacity.

Unit Cleaning Services

Total Unit Chemical Cleaning also known as Unit Decontamination can be performed.  Why waste time cleaning individual pieces of equipment when a Total Unit Chemical Cleaning can be performed using one of our proven cleaning applications.

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