Case Study: Automated Hydro Blasting

A leading player in the oil and gas industry was seeking an innovative solution to improve the efficiency and safety of their hydro blasting operations. Their existing manual hydro blasting process was time-consuming, labor-intensive, and posed potential safety risks to their workers. To address these challenges, they partnered with Vecta Environmental Services, a trusted industrial cleaning contractor renowned for their expertise in delivering exceptional solutions.


The manual hydro blasting process at the refinery required a large workforce, extensive setup time, and posed inherent safety risks due to human involvement in close proximity to high-pressure water jets. The refinery sought a solution that would optimize productivity, reduce downtime, and enhance worker safety while ensuring thorough and effective cleaning. Vecta proposed an automated hydro blasting system tailored to the refinery's specific requirements.The solution incorporated state-of-the-art technology, precision controls, and advanced robotics to streamline the hydro blasting process. The key components of the solution included:

Robotic Hydro Blasting Equipment:

Vecta deployed cutting-edge robotic hydro blasting equipment capable of precise movement, controlled pressure, and adjustable spray patterns.The robots were equipped with advanced sensors and cameras for real-time monitoring and remote operation.

Automated Cleaning Process:

Vecta designed an automated cleaning process that eliminated the need for manual handling of equipment. The system incorporated pre-programmed cleaning patterns and customizable settings to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning of targeted surfaces.

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