A solid, safe foundation

One of our core foundational values

Our commitment to safety is one of our core foundational values. That dedication stems from a genuine compassion and care for the members of our team. Every day and on every job, our primary goal is to ensure that our employees work safely for the sake of themselves and their families at home. From the very first moment an employee joins the team, safety training is the utmost priority.

The safety standards which we work under have a direct effect on our job sites. Our clients rely on our ability to ensure the worksite is safe and compliant at all times. By working safer, our employees are also able to work better. This commitment to safety helps our employees stay focused and engaged on the work at hand, ensuring that every job is completed to the highest levels of quality.

Leadership Commitment

Safety starts at the very top with our leadership’s unwavering commitment to working as safely as possible.

Employee Empowerment

Each member of our team is empowered to act within their own ability to ensure they and their fellow employees are working safely.

Training & Education

When an employee joins Vecta, we provide exhaustive safety training to properly equip them for the job at hand.

Hazard Identification & Risk Management

Our safety policies and procedures are designed to seek out potential hazards and manage the risk associated with the work that we do.

Continuous Improvement

We tirelessly seek new, better and safer ways to work as we continue our journey every day to work safer than we did the day before.

Training Programs

Every employee receives the proper, adequate and industry-standard safety training to ensure that they’re equipped and able to perform their job with total safety.
This includes, but is not limited to:

Chris Mccoy

Corporate Safety Manager

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