Revolutionize Your Cleaning: Automated Hydro Blasting at Your Service

Industrial hygiene and safety standards require plants, mills, and other manufacturing facilities to invest in cleanliness. Failing to follow proper cleaning and maintenance protocols can result in a hefty fine, and can even lead to damages or injuries. Luckily, hiring experts for automated hydro blasting can ensure you meet the standards.

In this article we will define industrial hydro blasting and its many benefits. Read on to learn how you can hire automated cleaning services from those with quality hydro blasting equipment.

The Basics of Automated Hydro Blasting

Hydro blasting is a thorough and efficient cleaning method that plants, mills, and refineries can use to keep their facilities clean. Experts use professional-grade high-pressure water jets to hose down a surface. The water's high force is enough to remove even the most stubborn of stains and get all traces of debris from the surface.

Hydro blasting is effective on a lot of different materials. It primarily has industrial applications for hosing down metal, equipment, steel tanks, and pipes.

Note that hydro blasting can remove a wide range of blemishes from surfaces. Some things it eradicates include:

  • Grime buildup
  • Pesky industrial chemical stains
  • Debris stuck to the surface
  • Fouling on the material
  • Old markings on the material (showing measurements for old projects or serving as outdated place markers)

Automated hydro blasting makes this process even more efficient and effective. Operators don't need to hold the hose and point it at a location manually. Instead, they can use remotely-controlled equipment to move two or three flex hoses from a distance.

Robotic hydro blasting equipment doesn't just make cleaning easier and more efficient. The state-of-the-art technology also allows for unparalleled accuracy and safety. No one needs to enter a confined space or contend with equipment-related safety risks.

More Efficient Than Other Methods

Even traditional hydro blasting is extremely efficient, using only high-pressure water jets to get rid of even the most stubborn deposits. It saves a lot of time and labor.

However, there are several ways that automated hydro blasting stands out from traditional alternatives. Technology can automate all aspects of cleaning technology including shotgunning, line moiling, and swiveling hoses to point toward the appropriate location.

This is critical because hydro blasting requires operators to shoot high-pressure water into tiny slots in huge machines. Industrial tanks, condenser tubes, drainage systems, and small ductwork are only a few of the things cleaners must reach. Precision is key to getting into these small spaces.

3D computer-based tools make sure that operators can position hoses with 100% accuracy. This is not possible during regular hydro blasting processes that require manual on-site labor. Remote operations reduce the chances of human error.

Great for Preventative Maintenance

You shouldn't only use hydro blasting when you notice visible dirt and grime buildup on surfaces. Once you see a problem, it's been there for a while. Failing to notice or contend with an issue immediately will only make the debris more stubborn to remove.

It is recommended to schedule routine hydro blasting services. This can prevent problems from arising in the first place because of rust, mold, or material breakdown. You'll save on costly and time-consuming repairs down the line.

Plus, removing corrosion and blockages that might impact equipment efficiency can make industrial machinery last longer. You won't need to worry about unnecessary downtime that comes at unexpected and inconvenient times. You also won't need to pay to replace equipment as frequently as you otherwise would, which can save tens of thousands of dollars. 

Increased Safety for Employees

Hydro blasting is safer for employees partly because it's less time-consuming. There are fewer opportunities for injury because of a shorter work timeframe. More importantly, though, it gets rid of the risk of employees inhaling hazardous particles.

Other cleaning methods like sandblasting or manual scrubbing put people near hazardous dust, particles, and bacteria. Hydro blasting also avoids the use of hazardous cleaning materials.

There may even be mold spores building up in some areas of your plant, which can have detrimental effects on workers' respiratory systems. Mold buildup also may have negative effects on chemicals and other things produced within the plant.

Hydro blasting automation also means that the workers won't need to physically enter confined spaces. This reduces the chance of falls and head injuries due to navigating dark, damp spaces. It also eliminates the possibility of people being trapped with dangerous equipment or suffocating if a confined space accidentally seals.

This is obviously important on a human level, but it also matters for your industrial facility's success. A personal injury lawsuit can cost you all of your earnings in legal fees and potential losses. It will also damage your reputation and deter others from working with your company.

Lower Damage Risk to Property

Since hydro blasting exclusively uses water, you won't need to concern yourself with the after effects of abrasive stain removers.

Manufacturing equipment is often made from durable materials like stainless steel, but other parts of a plant may be more fragile. Non-slip floor coatings can come off when abrasive cleaners touch them, as can epoxy coatings that protect outdoor concrete. When this happens, you leave your facilities vulnerable to fading, staining, scratching, and chipping.

It's also better than milling because it won't damage the surface over time. Neither the macrotexture nor the microtexture of anything you hydro blast will be damaged. Conversely, the macrotexture may improve by becoming smoother and stain-free.

Automated high-pressure jets also can shoot water at a strength of anywhere between 10,000 and 40,000 psi. The adjustable nature means you can choose the exact pressure needed to clean effectively without putting too much strain on industrial equipment and surfaces.

Invest in Industrial Hydro Blasting Services

Now that you know the ins and outs of automated hydro blasting, it's time to begin looking into quality cleaning services made for industrial facilities. Vecta's methods and tools offer optimal cleaning methods, exceptional results, and less downtime due to cleaning inside working areas.

Whether you choose traditional hydro blasting methods or computer-operated automation, our knowledge and tools mean a great job is a guarantee. Contact Vecta's team to learn more about our services today.

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