Blast Away Grime and Buildup: Exploring the Art of Hydro Blasting

Although pressure washing provides a satisfying cleaning process, it may not be the best choice for every surface and situation. It also has issues with more stubborn dirt and may demand caustic or environmentally damaging chemicals. These reasons contribute in part to the rising popularity of hydro blast cleaning, but what else does it do that has given it a recent boost?

Read on to learn what it is about hydro blasting that makes it stand apart from more traditional cleaning methods, especially in commercial spaces. Learn about the equipment it uses, learn more about its recent advances, and understand why it is highly recommended.

Hydro Blast Cleaning's Popularity on the South Coast

In recent years, industries and consumers have started a push to make companies more efficient and eco-friendly. This is even more true in coastal areas, including the southernmost states. One reason is that coastal companies that are very close to the water table often face strong public backlash.

At the same time, the salt air of the ocean can have a large ongoing impact on the type of corrosion you can expect on your property. Regular cleaning, about once per month, is crucial in preventing such damage to your infrastructure.

Hydro blasting has seen a boost as the recommended cleaning method as it handles both of these challenges. It offers both a thorough and safe cleaning that is not likely to cause ecological damage.

A more obvious benefit of hydro blasting is its efficiency. When using a similar amount of fluid as a pressure washer, the device can offer a much more powerful spray. This allows a user to clean an area in less time.

Hydro Blasting vs. Pressure Washing: What's The Difference?

One of the primary differences between these two kinds of cleaning options is the pressure the device puts out. The most powerful industrial pressure washers do not typically exceed 3,500 psi. In many industries, this does not suffice for eliminating some of the most caustic or troublesome dirt or grime.

Hydro blasting has around three times as much strength as pressure washing, with some options that reach pressures of around 10,000 psi. This pressure makes hydro blasting suitable for tough industrial buildups.

This cleaning method is also useful for preparing a surface for treatment by eliminating dust, dirt, and grime. In industries that use chemicals such as paint and oil, hydro blasting can ensure you have a smooth surface.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Hydro blasting only uses water to ensure a clean location. This option avoids the need for chemicals that might harm the local water table.

Common Hydro Blasting Equipment

The devices used for hydro blasting will vary, as different operations have their own unique process. In general, though, you can expect the following provisions from a hydro blasting company:

Pressure pump. The person performing the work will hook this up to a water source, which the pump will drain to pressurize and expel through a nozzle.

An appropriate nozzle. Depending on the work needed, the hydro blasting cleaning staff may use any number of nozzles. Tighter nozzles will offer more pressure, and differently-shaped sprays will have different effects.

Waste handling equipment. Hydro blast handlers use this to efficiently dispose of substances removed from the cleaned area.

Personal protective equipment (PPE). Operators who may encounter water spray should wear a rubber raincoat and pants. They will also have safety glasses, a hard hat with a face shield, and rubber boots and gloves. They are also likely to wear hearing protection because of the noise created by the pressure pump.

Work area enclosure. Securing a location is important for the safety of people in close proximity to hydro blasting equipment.

Recent Innovations in Hydro Blasting Technology

Over time, hydro blasting services have improved because of advances in technology and methods. Devices now operate at a higher psi, which means they can clean much better than before.

One of the best innovations to hydro blasting is the creation of automated hydro blast solutions.

These programmed processes run a high-pressure spray over an area. This reduces the need for manual handling and offers a greater opportunity for consistent cleaning. It also means that you can access and clean locations where it would be dangerous for employees to enter.

In some cases, robotic devices can perform full cleaning services on an area without human intervention.

Maintaining Safety During High-Pressure Cleaning

This method of cleaning often poses unique safety issues. Companies must prioritize the well-being of workers using these devices. Common safety measures include:

  • The use of PPE to protect individuals from the pressure hose
  • Training users in the safe use of hydro blast equipment
  • Regular safety audits of equipment and staff
  • Ensuring emergency procedures are well-understood
  • Helping workers receive appropriate safety certification
  • Using ongoing training updates to ensure the use of best practices
  • Regular drills that ensure safety knowledge is fresh
  • Empowering employees to spot and call out safety hazards
  • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement

The Best Hydro Blasting Option In Your Area

The high-pressure water cleaning method of hydro blasting can transform the way you clean and operate your business.

If you are ready for a thorough, safe, and efficient cleaning of your facility, we want to help. Our hydro blast experts can inspect your property and let you know what we can do for you.

No matter your needs, we can discuss a custom approach. Talk to us and take your first step toward the benefits of hydro blast cleaning today.

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