Case Study: Chemical Cleaning

A leading industrial cleaning company, Vecta, was engaged for a challenging chemical cleaning and decontamination project. The project involved a plant outage scheduled for repairs, fouling issues, and mandatory equipment inspections. The client, a chemical plant, required the internal decontamination of specific equipment to remove hazardous gases, such as LEL, H2S, high levels of Benzene, and Iron Sulfide. If not addressed, these hazardous gases could hinder the repair and inspection processes, posing safety risks and delaying operations.


To tackle the decontamination requirements, Vecta meticulously planned and executed a customized cleaning process. Working in collaboration with the client, Vecta developed a cleaning plan encompassing the specified equipment and common piping, while ensuring minimal mechanical impact.

The key components of the solution included:

- Utilization of Vapor Phase and/or Boil Out process to remove hazardous gases from equipment
- Strategic steam injection to expel gases from high point vents and low point drains
- Degassing Stage involving proprietary surfactants injected into steam to capture hazardous gas molecules
- Injection of Sodium Permanganate to mitigate Iron Sulfide
- Implementation of Temporary Drain Header (TDH) System to capture and condense hazardous gases and steam
- Use of Temporary Steam Header System to prevent introduction of hazardous gases or chemicals into the plant's steam system


Vecta addressed increased fouling discovered during the analytical testing of equipment exposed to extended usage. This necessitated a modification to the decontamination process, with Vecta swiftly collaborating with the client's Operations, Engineering, and Turnaround Group. A revised plan entailing a liquid flush and proper treatment for the affected equipment areas was devised, resulting in successful decontamination.

Additionally, when the plant steam system unexpectedly crashed during the final stages of the project, Vecta demonstrated quick thinking by installing nitrogen to prevent equipment collapse. Their actions, which included closing high and low points to create positive pressure, successfully rescued the client's equipment. Vecta swiftly developed and executed a backup plan, enabling the completion of the decontamination without steam.


The chemical cleaning and decontamination services provided by Vecta delivered substantial benefits to the chemical plant. By employing the Vapor Phase and/or Boil Out process, Vecta substantially reduced the time required to clear and make the process equipment gas-free. The project resulted in a significant reduction of downtime, enhancing operational efficiency. Furthermore, the successful decontamination process ensured a safe working environment for all contractors involved.


Analytical testing carried out throughout the chemical cleaning and decontamination job confirmed the remarkable results achieved by Vecta. The testing validated the complete removal of contaminants and the attainment of approved readings for LEL, Benzene, H2S, and Iron Sulfides. The client acknowledged the remarkable cleanliness of the tower packing and demister pads, noting it as the cleanest they had ever witnessed. This data further solidified the success of Vecta's tailored approach and use of cutting-edge technologies.

Vecta's chemical cleaning and decontamination services delivered outstanding results for the chemical plant. With a strong commitment to safety and the utilization of cutting-edge equipment, Vecta completed the decontamination process safely, efficiently, and within the agreed-upon timeline. By reducing downtime, ensuring equipment integrity, and providing a safe working environment, Vecta exemplified their expertise and dedication to the industrial cleaning sector.

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